Restoring the Original Gameboy

Found an original gameboy at the local dump. Restored it on video with some smooth jazz background music.

DingusMobile Salvaged GoKart

I made this GoKart using almost entirely salvaged components.


  • Electrical Box
  • 250w scooter motor
  • 3D Printed Dewalt Battery Connectors
  • 25h Chain
  • Scooter wheel

Large Welded Mailbox

I made this mailbox out of plate steel from an old factory building. Welded with 6011 Rods, the surface was then lightly sanded and finished with a copper sulfate patina. I painted epoxy on the mailbox to prevent the copper and steel from rusting. The door is made of wood with captive magnets on the top edge as a latching mechanism.

25 Minutes of the MicroRave

I modified a microwave, removing all heating related components and replacing them with a light show and speakers. The microrave has an auxillary input in the back so it can be supplied with music from a variety of sources.

Timelapse Example Video

This is the first week long test of the timelapse unit. The android phone that is taking the pictures powered off after 5 days instead of staying on the whole time. The battery pack was at half charge when I checked the unit so either the battery ran out, phone died and then the solar panel charged the pack back to half full by the time I checked it or the phone may have shut off due to heat.

For the next test I am going to use a phone with a better internal battery and setup another unit with slots made in the lower section of the case to see if the phone that only lasted for 5 days will last for longer with the increased airflow.


This is the first prototype of a timelapse photography setup I made to help to local conservationists look at plant growth over the course of the year.

The prototype uses old android phones to take one picture per hour of daylight. There is a battery bank and a solar panel connected to the battery bank to ensure that the phone can function for months (maybe years) at a time without needing service.

Electrical Infrastructure Summary Part 1

Anonymous Box Interactive Sculpture

This is an old project I made in 2013 at Hampshire College. The project has it’s own website where you can read about the project as well as look at documentation of the building process.

Salt Water Electro Etchings

This is a smattering of some of my favorite salt water electro etchings that I have done in the past 2 years.

Designing Modeling And Printing How To Video

10 Years of Dust

Ringing Bell Project and Tutorial

I made this solenoid bell ringing project about a year ago now. It is a custom made controller box which controls the solenoid’s movements and a custom made solenoid made from a nail, spring, pen barrel, and enamel coated wire.

Watch here:

PhotoBagpipe Demo

I made this project using an old altoids tin with a salt water electro-etched faceplate and the Mozzi library added to a Teensy 3.2. The panelmount micro usb outlet was created by my friend at:


Framed Water Colors

Don’t normally work in color, or put frames on my illustrations but I did for these about 2 years ago.

The Best Time To Use A 3D dPrinter

I have been on the peripherals of 3D Printing Technology since 2012. Mostly as an observer but as an active user for the last 3 years or so. As an observer I have noticed a litany of pitfalls that users fall in when trying to utilize a 3D printer. This list is almost exclusively about FDM 3D Printers.

I Hope this brief list can uplift new and experienced 3D Printing users.

When you need a crappy plastic part.

3D printer’s oftentimes lure users into believing that anything is possible. Afterall the technology is rather futuristic and magical. Creating an infinite number plastic parts from a very small GCODE file. It is useful to remember that 3D printer’s are near perfect machines when it comes to making low quality plastic parts, but other than that you may well enounter difficulties while using the printer. Sometimes it is incredibly useful to have crappy plastic parts, for prototyping, as a part of a project that experiences very little stresses, or as a mold to cast durable objects from. Keeping this notion in mind 3D printers can be used to print durable, load bearing or long lasting projects but anytime you want to print anything other than a low quality plastic part you should put more thought into the design of the part and configuation of the printer.

As a Crutch

It can be difficult to fabricate presice parts. Especially when you need them in a large quantity or on a deadline or if you didn’t get much sleep the night before. 3D printers are a good crutch for anyone who lacks precision fabrication skills.So long as you pay close attention to the measurements and have a properly calibrated printer you can create panels with precise holes and slots for switches and inputs.

The trick with using a 3D printer as a crutch is that you must recognize thatyou are usingthe 3D printer as a crutch. If you aknowledge that you are using the 3D printer as a crutch you can think more critically about your designs and ask yourself the question “Does that part really need to be 3D printed or am I just using the printer as a crutch?”


I recently learned of a way to compress a gas with no moving machinery, just pipes and flowing water.

Salvaging Parts From A Cordless Drill

Farfisa Organ Slide Switches

While repairing an old Farfisa Organ I came accross these really strage slide switches.

Magic Meatball

Felling The Truth By Holding A Magic Meatball

Gas Support Lift

I made a large door that opens vertically upwards. The door is made of a 2x4 frame covered with the old steel roofing panels. I wanted to add gas support lifts, the same supports that support back door of a car or suv. I had to fully extend the door to get enough leverage to install and compress the lifts.

Data Hoarders

Another Picture

The Creator Sculpting World 558

Map Adventure Frame

Map Adventure Frame is small website which allows users to display different maps on a display. The system uses a raspberrypi with flask and open street maps.